The Dojo is a coding session centered around a programming challenge. The challenge is small in scope and allow programmers of varying skill levels to meet as equals. To learn, to teach, to repeat, to understand, to laugh and to grow as software developers.

Responsive continues the success with Coder's Dojo. Visit our addictive Randori-sessions and we'll show you how software development should really feel!

Do you want to become a better software developer?
Then you'd better come and practice!

Do you think you are you good at some programming technique?
Find out how much better you'll become by having to explain your code to others!

Do you want your code to do more than barely work?
Together we'll make code that is

  • extensively tested (to ensure quality and confidence)
  • readable (so that others can continue your work)
  • refactored (the only means to fight code-rot)
  • communicating your design well (to ensure extendability)

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